Clean, Pack and Store Your Porcelain Dolls Properly to Protect Them

Storage unit rentals are a wonderful option for many people to store the things that no longer fit into the home or need a temporary place to keep things while they prepare for a move. When you pack and store things properly, they will maintain the same condition they were in when you put them in storage. Here, you will learn how to pack and store your porcelain dolls with little concern of damage. Read More 

Getting Moved Efficiently: Why You Need Help From A Moving Service

Have you started a new job in the suburb of the city and need to move because of the long commute? If you want to move in the most efficient way possible, hire a moving company to handle the packing of your belongings for you. Below, learn why investing in a professional moving service is a good idea when you don't have a lot of time to pack on your own. Read More 

Safely Transporting Houseplants During A Move

If you have houseplants and you are getting ready to move, you will have a little extra work to do to ensure that your houseplants make it from your old home to your new one intact and without damage. Below, you will find a few tips that will help make the move successful. Check Permissions If you are moving to a new state, it is important that you check to be sure that all of your houseplants are permitted in that state. Read More 

Commercial Storage Problems? Be Smart About Your Solution

If you have a commercial property and you're replacing the furniture and some of the electronics but you don't want to get rid of the old items, find a storage unit. The cost for office furniture and other office items are costly, and storing the items helps you have backup pieces when you are in a bind, and you'll have the items if you decide to expand your commercial space. Read More 

How To Locate Items Faster Inside A Storage Unit

The inside of a storage unit can get completely cluttered and unorganized if you don't take the time to structure your items. Here are number of helpful hints that you can use to improve the overall organization and layout of your storage unit to help you locate an item faster. Install Shelves Maximizing the space inside a storage unit will allow you to store items from top to bottom. You can install shelves all the walls of the storage unit to allow you to stack items up off the floor. Read More