Staging Your Home And Putting Your Belongings Into Storage? Use Markers To Your Advantage

It is time to sell your home, but it does not look like what you normally see online and posted on the outside of real estate offices or buildings. This means it is time to stage your home, which is exactly what you want to make homebuyers see the property as a desirable place to check out in person and even envision purchasing. Whether you or your agent is paying, you should consider renting a storage unit for this purpose. Read More 

Finding The Right Storage Options For Electronics

Whether you're a downsizing business in need of temporary equipment storage or an electronics enthusiast on the move, if you plan on putting your electronics in storage for an extended period of time, you need to have the right options available. Regular upkeep can be difficult, even impossible depending on the situation, but a few secure storage features and preparation steps can keep your systems at or near the quality you left them. Read More 

Three Types Of Moving Services: Compared

When you have to move from your house, figuring out how to transport all of your belongings can be a real challenge. In order to choose a moving service that fits your needs, you need to know more than the names of the local movers. You need to know what kind of moving services they offer.  Do-It-Yourself Movers One popular type of moving service allows you to rent your own moving truck. Read More 

Turning Old Cardboard Boxes Into Moving Boxes (And Convenient Storage When You Move In)

When you're planning a move, you're likely going to struggle to find enough boxes to hold all your stuff. Don't invest in expensive plastic boxes when you can easily find free cardboard boxes that will work just as well. And when you're done moving, you can convert them into storage in your garage! Finding Free Cardboard Boxes First of all, you should go to businesses in your home town and find out if they have some old cardboard boxes they aren't using anymore. Read More 

Clean, Pack and Store Your Porcelain Dolls Properly to Protect Them

Storage unit rentals are a wonderful option for many people to store the things that no longer fit into the home or need a temporary place to keep things while they prepare for a move. When you pack and store things properly, they will maintain the same condition they were in when you put them in storage. Here, you will learn how to pack and store your porcelain dolls with little concern of damage. Read More