Staging Your Home And Putting Your Belongings Into Storage? Use Markers To Your Advantage

It is time to sell your home, but it does not look like what you normally see online and posted on the outside of real estate offices or buildings. This means it is time to stage your home, which is exactly what you want to make homebuyers see the property as a desirable place to check out in person and even envision purchasing. Whether you or your agent is paying, you should consider renting a storage unit for this purpose. Since it is natural to replace your furniture with rental furniture that looks impressive in photos and in person, you do not want to just put the leftover pieces into the basement or your garage.

Among the supplies that you will use are furniture covers, tape, boxes, and markers. It is helpful to know how to take colored markers and use them in ways that benefit the staging and storing of your things.

Write on Every Box and Bin

It is easy to think that you have everything under control when putting items into boxes. But, you may find yourself forgetting what box belongs to what room after you have finished selling the property. Writing down as many details as you can about the contents of each box and plastic bin is ideal. The first thing is prioritizing everything in regard to how soon each box should be opened upon moving. High priority bins are best opened as soon as you arrive, while low priority boxes can wait for several days or weeks. Take the time to label each box on at least two sides to always have a viewpoint for reading.

Draw a Storage Diagram

If you want to make storing your items a little easier, you should create a diagram. Take measurements for every box, plastic bin, piece of furniture, and individual item that you intend on putting in storage. Put them in different categories to know what needs to be on the bottom and what can be stacked. With the measurements, use your markers to sketch a storage unit and start drawing in the items. It should help you determine whether you need a unit that is 10x10, 10x15, or another size.

Protect Your Writing

Rain, snow, liquid spills, and sweaty palms are all things that can smear the writing on boxes. So, you need to prevent this from happening by getting waterproof markers or covering the content with packing tape. With either of these implementations, you will no longer have to worry about losing crucial details.

Markers are an incredibly effective tool to use when using a storage unit for staging purposes. For more information or assistance, contact storage companies like Northgate Mini Storage.