Moving In Winter? Hire Professionals For A Smooth And Stress-Free Move

Moving during a mild season such as spring or autumn is often preferable. However, you may be moving in the middle of winter, which can come with several complications. While you can overcome these obstacles with planning and preparation, you can also hire movers. Professionals can provide many benefits and give you a smooth and stress-free move. 

Snow Buildup

When you live in a climate where winter temperatures often stay below freezing, you may get snow buildup throughout the neighborhood. This can lead to snowbanks being created, where snow is piled up next to the road, often between the street and sidewalk. These snow piles may become an obstacle for your move if they get in between a moving truck and your property.

Local movers will be familiar with these snowbanks and how to work around them. Sometimes the most convenient option is to step around them; other times, altering them is ideal. A moving company may decide to redistribute snow piles to make room for squeezing through.


A tricky part of moving in winter is the unpredictable weather conditions. For instance, you may set your move-out date days, weeks, or months back. While rescheduling and delays are possible in case of severe or emergency conditions, you may intend to move on that date.

Hiring movers is beneficial because of their experience in dealing with harsh conditions. This means they will have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to move successfully. Light to medium snow and sub-zero temperatures are obstacles that most professionals can handle.


When you inspect walkways where the moving truck will likely be parked, you may notice non-ideal conditions. For instance, these paths may have ice and hard snow that creates uneven and slippery surfaces that are difficult to walk on. Some walkways will be covered in salt to stop ice and snow buildup, which helps, but salt is also uneven to walk on.

Movers will know how to prepare these walkways for a safe move. Wearing the right shoes, packing items appropriately, and working together to carry belongings are key to their success.


Driving in winter is sometimes a challenge in itself. However, your move might require driving in wet, icy, or snowy conditions that require extra caution on the road. You will likely feel better knowing that experienced professionals are responsible for moving everything you own.

Get help from residential moving services to enjoy a smooth move during wintertime.