Clean, Pack and Store Your Porcelain Dolls Properly to Protect Them

Storage unit rentals are a wonderful option for many people to store the things that no longer fit into the home or need a temporary place to keep things while they prepare for a move. When you pack and store things properly, they will maintain the same condition they were in when you put them in storage. Here, you will learn how to pack and store your porcelain dolls with little concern of damage.

Choose a Storage Unit

Your porcelain dolls are made up of delicate materials. If they are allowed to suffer through extreme temperatures and high humidity, they will be damaged, sometimes, very quickly.

The solution to this problem is climate-controlled storage. These units are maintained at a regulated temperature and low humidity level throughout the year. You won't have to worry about the glue failing, the fabric discoloring or any of the dolls cracking or becoming covered with mold while you have them stored.

Clean the Dolls

Before you put the dolls in storage, they should be cleaned from head to toe. Dolls that are packed up with dirt on them, will become discolored and stained.

Compressed air is a great solution for dusty clothing and hair. Hold the can of air upright so that moisture doesn't spray out of the nozzle. Then, hold the can about three inches from the doll and use short bursts of air to blow the dust right off of them.

After you have removed all of the loose dust, get a damp soft cloth and wipe down the hard surfaces of the dolls. Lay them out to dry before continuing.

Pack the Dolls

Preparing the dolls to be packed up for an extended period of time can take a little while, but it is time well-spent.

Purchase acid-free tissue paper. The acid-free paper will protect the dolls from dust without the potential of damaging them.

Wrap the doll from the neck down with one sheet of tissue paper. If the doll has straight hair, use a nylon stocking to cover its head – this will keep the hair nice and straight while being stored. If the doll has curly hair, wrap it loosely with tissue paper.

After the dolls are all wrapped up, place them gently into a box. You don't want to use plastic bins to store them because the bin will trap moisture left inside the doll and the clothes and cause mold problems. Use multiple small boxes to individually box the dolls and then place them into one larger one for ease of transport.

These steps will help to ensure that your dolls return to you in the same condition they were in the day that you packed them away for storage. If you have any questions about the storage unit, consider contacting a local storage facility, such as Stor-King.