How To Locate Items Faster Inside A Storage Unit

The inside of a storage unit can get completely cluttered and unorganized if you don't take the time to structure your items. Here are number of helpful hints that you can use to improve the overall organization and layout of your storage unit to help you locate an item faster.

Install Shelves

Maximizing the space inside a storage unit will allow you to store items from top to bottom. You can install shelves all the walls of the storage unit to allow you to stack items up off the floor. This will also keep items off the freezing cold ground and protect them in the event that water floods the inside of the unit. Check with the local storage unit provider to see what you can install inside the unit and if you can install screws into the walls. If you cannot install shelves on the walls, you can pick up a standalone shelving unit at a local hardware store and strap them to the wall to prevent them from moving.

Place Everything On Wooden Skids

When the cold weather hits, items can freeze if they are stored on a concrete floor. If you keep the items raised off the floor and set on wooden skids you will keep the items slightly warmer. The wooden skids can be purchased at a lumber yard. If you want to try to save a few dollars, you can check with a local grocery store to see if they have spare skids that you can have.

Label Everything

With so many boxes to sort through, if you need to locate an item you will need to be able to quickly reference where it is stored without ripping apart every box. Take the time to go through each box and create an inventory of exactly what the contents are inside. Take a white sticker label and write each item legibly on the sticker using a black marker. Then take the time to number each sticker on the boxes and keep a master list of the numbers located on the inside of the door. That way when you need to locate an item, you can look down the master list to locate the item and the corresponding box number before searching for the specific box.

Before you make any changes to your storage unit make sure that you take the time to consult with a storage provider, such as Fidelity Moving & Storage Co Inc,  to find out what types of units are available.