Commercial Storage Problems? Be Smart About Your Solution

If you have a commercial property and you're replacing the furniture and some of the electronics but you don't want to get rid of the old items, find a storage unit. The cost for office furniture and other office items are costly, and storing the items helps you have backup pieces when you are in a bind, and you'll have the items if you decide to expand your commercial space.

The items could be sold later on for a profit if they aren't used so you need to make sure you keep them in great condition if possible. The condition of your item will be determined by the quality of your storage unit. Here are a few things you want to consider when you start looking at commercial storage options in your area.

Locks and Security

It isn't just important that you pick a storage facility that has reliable locks on all the doors throughout the facility, but that it also has security. Facilities that require you to bring your own padlocks aren't reliable, because anyone could remove the padlocks with tools. Choose a storage unit with a wall number pad for the lock or a cylinder lock.

Any facility with security cameras that monitor the property, recording all of the people that wander around or go near your unit. Units with patrol cars or on site security guards are also great. Cameras with IP technology are also beneficial.

Temperature Controlled Storage

A unit that has heated storage is preferred if you will be storing electronics in the space. Cold temperatures can cause the batteries in the units to die, and it can cause ink and other fluids to freeze and expand. If the unit isn't kept cold in the summer you can have issues with condensation and moisture damage or the rusting of your materials. These units usually have a higher rate than uncontrollable units but are worth the cost to protect your items.

It's very important that you add storage insurance to your business insurance policy or with your insurance provider so you can get reimbursed to replace any items that you put in the unit if there is damage. If there is a natural disaster or an intruder in the unit and items are missing or destroyed, you'll be glad that you don't have to pay to replace the items with business money, or that you won't have to go without them in the future.

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