Turning Old Cardboard Boxes Into Moving Boxes (And Convenient Storage When You Move In)

When you're planning a move, you're likely going to struggle to find enough boxes to hold all your stuff. Don't invest in expensive plastic boxes when you can easily find free cardboard boxes that will work just as well. And when you're done moving, you can convert them into storage in your garage!

Finding Free Cardboard Boxes

First of all, you should go to businesses in your home town and find out if they have some old cardboard boxes they aren't using anymore. These boxes are usually strong shipping boxes, and most businesses are more than happy to give them to you. A few shops you can check include:

  • Liquor stores (often get daily deliveries)
  • Bars
  • Book stores
  • Office supply shops
  • Schools
  • Convenience shops or gas stations

Try to show up early in the afternoon or early evening as this is when most shipments will have arrived and will have been unpacked. If you can't make it then, set an appointment with the business proprietor to pick up boxes later.

Boosting Strength Of Boxes With Tape

Once you've gathered up some boxes and packed them up with your home's items (labeling the items contained in each box for easier unpacking), you need to boost the strength of your boxes with tape. This will not only make them hold together better during shipping, but will also make them useful as garage storage later on.

When it comes to tape, there are a few different options. Duct tape or filament tape is usually best for securing the edges of boxes and making them sturdier. Add one or two layers to each edge of the box and the bottom to boost its strength during shipping.

Masking tape and shipping tape are usually best for sealing boxes or labeling. Generally, neither is strong enough to add much support to a box seam. Avoid electrical tape and scotch tape, as they simply are too weak for use when packing.

Unpacking And Setting Up Cabinet Space

After you have successfully moved your cardboard boxes, read the label on each box, stack them in the appropriate room, and unpack them. This should take a few days, but when you're done, take your old boxes into the garage to convert into storage containers. These containers will be useful for storing appropriate loose items, such as tools, paint, and other small items.

Start by selecting a corner of the garage you want to convert into storage and stacking the largest boxes there against the wall. Place heavy items, such as paint cans, in these boxes, lightly seal them with shipping tape, and label it with the items it contains.

Next, stack another layer of boxes on top, but include lighter items, such as nuts or bolts. Continue stacking, filling, sealing, and labeling boxes in this manner until you've used all your boxes or stored all your loose garage items.

Once you've finished your boxes, you have two choices. One, you can use them as a temporary storage solution or you can use them permanently. Just make sure you keep the elements (such as rain or snow) away from the boxes to avoid wear and tear.

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