Tips To Use When Renting A Storage Unit

If you are renting a storage unit, you likely are worried about the well-being of your property. Keeping your items in a place that you are not constantly around can be a bit worrisome, as you may be at risk of having your storage unit broken into or damaged by problems within the storage unit. To ensure your items are safe while they are stored away, you may want to find a storage unit that you can rely on by doing the following:

Have a Walk Through of the Unit:

Before agreeing to the leasing contract, be sure that you first take a walk through of the unit that the facility is renting out. During this walkthrough, check for signs of water, pests, and mold, as these can be a sign that your belongings may be exposed to these potential damages. 

Find a Facility With Up-to-Date Security:

A great way to put your mind at ease is to feel comfortable knowing your unit is safe from potential break-ins. This is why renting from a facility that has modern surveillance cameras, a quality gated fence, and door alarms are important. This will prevent potential break-ins and eliminate you from stressing that someone will break into your storage unit. Before committing to a storage unit, be sure to check and see what type of security they have in placed to prevent theft.

Avoid a Unit With 24/7 Visiting Hours:

Though renting from a storage facility with modern security features is a nice way to avoid potential break-ins, some criminals will still continue and try to break in past normal business hours. This is why renting from a storage facility that offers strict visiting hours is critical. This will ensure that the facility is locked down after closing hours and that renters can only access their units while staff members are on location. So, before you rent your storage unit, be sure that they have strict visiting hours, so you can avoid random people walking throughout the facility while there are no staff members present.

Taking these tips into account when selecting your new storage unit can be very helpful as it will eliminate the chance of you dealing with water, mold, pest damages and also the chance of you having your unit broken into. In the end, you will have a storage unit that is well worth it and that you are happy to keep even your most valuable items stored away in. 

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