Moving Target: Protect Your Family’s Belongings From Theft

Loading up all of your household goods on moving day can feel like you are putting your entire life in one big truck. From family photographs to cherished heirlooms, if it made it on the truck, then you know that it holds value. Yet, what if you were to discover that everything you owned disappeared along with a stolen moving truck? As WFAA reports, that very thing happened recently to a first year teacher moving to Dallas, TX. Overnight, as she slept in a hotel, her truck was stolen from the parking lot, and the thieves got away with all of her possessions, including her great-great-grandmother's antique rocking chair. Sadly, a moving truck is a target for criminals who know that it may hold valuable electronics and other goods. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to protect your truck from theft so that you can move with peace of mind.

Check the Locks During the Walk Around Inspection

Moving companies should always offer you the opportunity to do an inspection to protect yourself from being liable for prior damage. During the walk around, most people focus on making note of scratches and dents, yet you should also check to make sure that the locks and doors are all in working condition. Then, double secure your truck by purchasing a sturdy padlock that fits through the main latch.

Block the Doors When Parking in Public Areas

Once you are on the road, it is best to keep moving; however, it may be necessary to stop for food or sleep. Try to look around for a wall that you can back up to so that potential thieves do not have access to the main rear door. If you are traveling with other vehicles, then consider having another driver park close to the side doors of the moving truck after you exit. You can then move the blocking vehicle in the morning when you are ready to leave.

Add a Portable Theft Deterrent

Steering wheel locks and car alarms are fairly inexpensive and come in portable styles that you can install as a temporary additional measure of security on your moving van. Potential thieves will often see the blinking light of an alarm and be deterred from attempting to steal the vehicle. Just make sure to continue to use your theft deterrent until all of your belongings have been safely unloaded because you are still at risk for theft, even in your new driveway.

During a major move, the last thing you need to worry about is theft. Keep in mind that a truck that is constantly being supervised is less likely to be stolen, which is why hiring a moving company that can quickly load and transport your items from one place to another is always the best way to protect your belongings. While you have many decisions to make for your upcoming move, choosing to focus on security can save you from the headache of starting over from scratch.